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Blood from his ears, nose, and mouth had caked, and the pillow was also soaked in blood. Orth reports that neighbors said the dog barked frequently at strangers, but didn't bark the time of Miglin's murder and was not harmed. By this point, Jeff's body had been rolled into a carpet, and Andrew was about to strike again.

If you believe that forgiveness is there, if it's on the cross and by the grace of God, you've got just as good a chance as anybody else.

A classmate named Richard Caleel says in the series Mugshots that Andrew brought an older gentleman to a dance — not explicitly a prom but close — where Andrew famously wore a flashy red leather jumpsuit the man had purchased for him.

Some things Rosen remembered didn't correspond with other evidence, like her recalling that Andrew had slicked-back hair, for example. This episode also plants the seeds of the in-depth examination of Andrew's dark side to come — illustrating how his compulsive lying intensified over the years and factored into his devolution into a deranged madman.

What's true and what's fiction? Did David really try to escape Andrew by punching out a window in the bathroom? According to Vulgar Favors, yes. Andrew was living with a rich man, Norman Blachford, for a good chunk of the time he was pursuing David.

David excelled in his chosen profession, Vulgar Favors said, though finding his professional groove took a minute. What's the difference whether you lie, cheat, steal, you're homosexual, you murder.

But that didn't create any problem between David and me. Not shown in the series: Orth said that the medical examiner did not consider the underwear as a sign of a double life.

Norman and Andrew were living such separate lives in August of that Norman gave Andrew two parties for his 26th birthday: Most of the kitchen cabinets were open, and a pair of binoculars lay on the counter. Andrew moved in with her and her soon-to-be husband Philip Merrill, who actually liked the idea of "Lizzie" having someone to keep her busy.

My feelings for David were no different. News reports had someone swearing she'd seen him going north in a Mercedes. Did Andrew take a man in his 30s to his senior prom as he claimed? American Crime Story and if it hasn't been made clear by now, "Creator, Destroyer" removes any doubt this series is really about how Andrew Cunanan Darren Criss became a monster.

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He was a friend," and it's true that Andrew told people his father was gay and had a young boyfriend. Orth's story is a sad, gruesome, terrifying and shocking tale that, in executive producer Ryan Murphy's hands, illuminates how institutionalized homophobia allowed a killer to remain on the loose for months.

There's no evidence they talked and even if they had, Andrew would've obviously been nearly impossible to find. There's no mention of that in Vulgar Favors — a detail that would've likely been mentioned by anyone who'd seen the two because it would have been clear proof David attempted to flee Andrew.

No official report was ever released. Of course, there's no way to know if he was down there atoning for his same-sex attraction as shown in the series.

Was Jeff's sister really delivering a baby just as Jeff had gone missing? In Andrew's telling, Pete--who'd just taken flying lessons once and never earned a pilot's license--became a Filipino general who flew Ferdinand Marcos around. If agents had blanketed the area with flyers about a killer targeting gay men on the loose as other localities had, Andrew's face would've been inescapable.

But Orth's book, which is considered the bible on the story, casts doubt on Rosen's claim. But still ever much the conservative and sightly still tormented by his own sexuality, he said being gay is a "half natural and half conscious choice," and, a military man through and through, he sounded more bothered by the fact that taxpayers were wasting money training people who'd then either leave the military or be forced out due to their sexuality.

Other clues suggest an intimate knowledge. Vulgar Favors reports that a woman named Jean Rosen, owner of the Full Moon Cafe about eight miles from the place where David was murdered, was convinced she saw the two come into her restaurant on Friday May 2 — one day before two fishermen found David's body.

There's an interesting omission from the series: The Miglins were Catholics. What's true in this episode and what's fiction?GTAinside is the ultimate GTA Mod DB and provides you more than 45, Mods for Grand Theft Auto: From Cars to Skins to Tools to Script Mods and more.

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